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Responsible Practice

Supply Chain

We’re committed to providing transparency across our supply chain. Our responsible standards, and those of our suppliers, cover sourcing and supply chain due diligence, jewellery safety regulations and workplace standards. Having fostered trusting relationships throughout our network we work closely to ensure each supplier adheres to our brand values and implements responsible business practices. Our suppliers are proud members of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), a not-for-profit organisation established to promote responsible ethical, human rights, social and environmental practices. Through the guidance of amfori BSCI and SEDEX Smeta Ethical Conduct Standards, our suppliers have made strong commitments to support the health and safety of employees, and to reduce consumption of natural resources and overall environmental impact.

All our high-quality materials are sourced in accordance with the UN-regulated guidelines around ethical and sustainable practices. This ensures conflict-free gold, silver, rhodium, palladium and diamonds in accordance with the Signet Responsible Sourcing Protocol.

Supplier and third-party testing is conducted to ensure each of our designs meets customer safety standards and there are no harmful chemicals found in our designs. The suppliers we work with comply with the European Commission’s REACH* (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) regulations to protect consumers and the environment from harmful chemicals. 

Our Packaging

We’ve selected sustainable materials from the best craftsmen to refresh our packaging. The results are reusable jewellery boxes with a focus on timeless design. Made from 100% recycled card and paper, each box uses eco-friendly inks, and features a matte aesthetic; while our soft, reusable vegan suede travel pouch is designed to carry and protect your forever pieces. For those special pieces that deserve a little extra love, our luxurious, solid boxes are also reusable and made from vegan suede.


Our Studio

We care about our staff and the footprint we as a collective leave on our planet. If there’s a better choice, an earth-friendly alternative for our workspace, we will always choose to implement it for our Kirstin Ash team and the broader community.

As we progress, we understand there are new opportunities to learn, adapt and transition our practices. Plastic packaging in our supply chain has now been reduced by 70% and it’s our intention to continue to reduce our plastic use as much as possible as we continue to evolve our processes.

Plastic has previously played an important role in protecting our products during transport.  Any soft plastics received in the studio are collected and sent to a recycling facility to be made into new products such as bin liners and food packaging.